At this point in my career, I have heard and used just about every pitch when trying to recruit people or clients. What are some of the most memorable calls you have received from a recruiter? What is the best (or funniest, most effective) pitch you received from a recruiting calling you?

Hal Moore

Executive Recruiter/Asst. Market Lead – Bolton Consulting at The Bolton Group [Toplinked 8000+]

The best “pitch” is any recruiter that actually takes the time to look at my resume and tell me specifically why they thought that I’d be a good fit for the position. The vast majority of recuriters these days just swing blind and hope to hit something. On an average week, I get half a dozen recruiters reaching out to me with oppportunities. Maybe once a month I get one that’s actually a decent match.

The funniest call that I had was a recruiter that called me up and in a very strong chinese accent opened with a “You want job? I have super good job for you. You send resume and I give to manager. Very much pay with super good match.” I thought that it was a telemarketing pitch or someone playing a joke on me. But he was just so high-energy that I had to play along and see what he had to say. The real kicker was that after about 10-15 minutes of him saying “You send resume…send resume now…I send to manager”, it turned out that the job he was trying to fit me to was a job posting that I had had just put out to bid. (guess he didn’t notice the similarity in names between the hiring manager and the name on the resume 🙂